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4001 ibooks for iphone and ipad epub




Other Ebooks


4001 ibooks for iphone and ipad epub




2010-09-15 (by arsvs)


re upped some epub books for the iphone and ipad. there may be some duplicates on here


  1. epub
  2. ebook
  3. iphone
  4. ipad

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Cheeseandbabys (2010-11-08)


SLiM16 (2010-11-20)

you have a list of whats included?

kosmaverik (2010-11-30)

Nice collection!
4001 books tho and still i can't find Assassin's Creed Renaissance anywhere :( ...

pxpierre (2010-12-01)

@ SLiM16, Click on Files: 4002.
Thanks GMT & seeders!

billybob45 (2010-12-05)

this takes 40mins to edit the names as theyre too long for roxio to burn
If u look at a torrent & it has no screenshots (for porn) or a link 2 boxcover/official info about it (for films or tvseries etc) 1st search thepiratebay often some1 else uploaded the same file & included screenshots 2nd google it or use or wikipedia & then copy&paste links 2 the info you find 2 help everyone , it only takes a few seconds per file (once u found the info) ,the more people stop being selfish the better off well all be, thepiratebay may not be around forever so help out right now please. Also keep seeding dont just hit and run , seed as fast as your isp lets u upload ,the faster your upload speed the faster your download speed is for recieving data thats how bittorent works !im not a hypocrite sometimes when i go 2 post info tpb says database error failed to write..i dont have time 2 go back 2 the files i couldnt help out on , A good place to get help is report fake files or drm files there.
,ps if you look at porn remember to respect women theyre gods greatest creation. torrentday your not doing yourselves any good by releasing torrents you fail to seed why would we bother going to your site if we think you fail to seed so many of your releases ? uploaders always test burn your uploads ! keep titles for each file under 106 characters so popular dvd burning software like roxio works.

greg0184 (2010-12-23)

Thanks bud!!

narnaz (2011-02-03)

WOW! that is truly more books than you could read in a life time. the high price of iBooks forces me to do this. thanks

azza1969 (2011-02-08)

thank you,will seed as usual...what comes around goes around

Beetlejuicexx (2011-02-20)

@slim16 - click the 4002 next to files, above.. it'll tell you what they are there.

louderguy (2011-05-02)

If the rar requires a password, post that or list the password in the comments. let people decide if they want to waste their time before they download this file.

rambowski (2011-05-02)

password protected, wasting time! Can not obtain any password.

klarizza (2011-06-22)

plss add dont die my love by laurene mcdaniel...nd also her other books..plss

tony4561 (2011-08-02)

So what's the password?
It seems someone got one but the path is long

sabdi (2011-08-07)

THNX wanted prty little liars :) gt it! :)

ReaperProductions (2011-08-24)

Very extensive collection. Worked well with no problems. Thanks

BONExHEAD (2011-11-25)

This takes like a year to import into itunes LOL

BONExHEAD (2011-11-25)

P.S. There were only 5 duplicates

broade (2012-01-26)

@ bajsjojje
u could try this u on ios 5
1) installed ibooks from itunes (do not open it)
2) installed ibookfix2
3) respring
4) rebooted
5) installed Sbsettings of Cydia
6) Opened Sbsettings
7) Open up system Options
8) Opened "Fix User Dir Permissions"
9) Pressed "Fix Me"
10) press home button

bairos (2012-02-09)

Why do all of the books have errors in/are missing some of the chapters? Can anyone help me?

MyKrossini (2012-09-04)

First off, GREAT UPLOAD! Thank you so much. Lot's of great reads in the collection. Secondly, the guy who say there were only 5 duplicates is an idiot. There were plenty of duplicates. I can think of 10 right now off the top of my head. But still. That doesn't bother me in the slightest. Awesome upload, quick download and works flawlessly. Just click and drag whatever you want into your iTunes and voila! THANKS AGAIN! Hope to see more work from you in the future.