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FSX - Carenado - Beechcraft V35B Bonanza






FSX - Carenado - Beechcraft V35B Bonanza




2010-11-12 (by 1sh1g4mi)


The Carenado Beechcraft V35B Bonanza for FSX. Releases tested by myself, all textures are working. Not my own release but found.


  1. FSX
  2. Carenado
  3. Beechcraft
  4. V35B
  5. Bonanza

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Windlord03 (2010-11-12)

ALL is working perfectly here...
THANK YOU !!! 1sh1g4mi...

jager963 (2010-11-12)

I have been flying this for about 20 minutes. and as far as i can see its perfect. Certainly no issues with textures. Thanks for the upload 1sh1g4mi

H4CKNCR4CK (2010-11-13)

Thanks for this! Textures are great but once again Carenado released a plane that has a lot of issues so I imagine there will be numerous service packs to follow lol.

AnWa06 (2010-11-13)

H4CKNCR4CK...Carenado re-uploaded the plane and fixed all the issues...hopefully someone will upload the latest version bc there are numerous issues in the VC and the exterior lights.

irev (2010-11-13)

Thanks, but the instruments dont display correctly. Look at the stack. Bottom two are not there, only the 3d buttons.

jager963 (2010-11-14)

I,m not missing any instruments. i even checked with caranados home page pics of the v35s cockpit. then i looked on the internet at the actual aircrafts cockpit. nothing missing for me. the only thing i can find wrong with the aircraft is that the strobe lighting on the port wing doesnt work from inside the aircraft. but its still a fantastic plane and a bargain at £0:00p :)

fsxvzla (2010-11-14)

Thanks, works perfect

FS_Junkie (2010-11-14)

@irev ... yes, the two lower radios are non-functional for me also. However - looking at the panel shot on the Carenado site, the No.2 radio does look weird also. A double knob on the RHS. Looks like a tiny Carenado cock-up to me ;-)
They're probably simulating old radios that were upgraded but not actually removed from the aircraft.

H4CKNCR4CK (2010-11-14)

Please upload the latest version of the aircraft, all of the issues that have been reported have been fixed by Carenado and re-uploaded onto their website!

udidwht (2010-11-17)

Look at their site again. There is no update for the V35B. You've mistaken it for the other.

H4CKNCR4CK (2010-11-17)

@udidwht according to their support forum they added the fixes to the original installer. The original release (which this is) has issues, but if you were to buy the plane from their site now the issues have been fixed.

udidwht (2010-11-19)

Anyone else care to comment as to whether this is working correctly?

AnWa06 (2010-11-19)

Just minor stuff, mainly radios but I would recommend getting the Reality XP FLT&N as well as the GNS WAAS Torrents from here on TPB and installing them to the panel. It gets rid of the overlapping issues with the radios, and it looks awesome!

BDA003 (2010-11-20)

problem: the wheels disappear after 2 seconds. after updating with the official patch, no correction of the error. Configuration: Win 7, FSX Acceleration Pack.

irev (2010-11-23)

@pcgamecomplete toss, or whatever.
Fuck off, your links don't work you spamming loser.

Taco92 (2013-10-03)

Thanks, mate!


1. [FSX] - Carenado - V35B Bonanza (Aircraft).exe 69.39 Mb