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50 Best Real World Full HD Wallpapers 1920 X 1080




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50 Best Real World Full HD Wallpapers 1920 X 1080




2010-02-21 (by wallpic)


50 Best Real World Full HD Wallpapers 1920 X 1080 50 JPG | 1920 X 1080 Px | 88 Mb


  1. 1920 X 1080
  2. real world
  3. real world 1920 X 1080
  4. wallpapers
  5. wallpapers 1920 X 1080

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88.05 Mb




Hatter5 (2010-02-26)

Where's sample pictures? I want to know what I'm downloading...Can you edit it?

bigboss76 (2010-03-11)

@ Hatter5
It's only 88mb, just download it and see for yourself.

fAhd_mOLco (2010-09-29)

nothing compares with d real... niCe ; )

suisenbenjo (2010-11-20)

really nice set
worth the ~2 min DL

-trend- (2010-11-29)

awsome pic thanx

ahcek (2010-12-08)

awesome pics! its worth downloading

eric4287 (2010-12-17)

ahuramazda001, you are a fucking idiot, 88mb takes seconds to download

fe8700 (2010-12-21)

eric4287 I beg to differ, not everyone got a fast connection and 80mb may still be much to some. So I'd say that you're the idiot.
I'm not downloading either because without a preview I'll just pretend it's not what I'm looking for.

rupin (2010-12-24)


rsjc741 (2011-01-05)

This is seriously the most idiotic debate you can have..
I *suppose* 80MB is a lot to someone who still uses 56K dial-up.
even with a old ISDN connection, it would only take around a hour to download.. if that.
your a moron for your last statement. obviously you came to the pictures for one of two things:
Porn wallpaper
misc. Wallpaper
Since you clicked on the title, you must of been interested since it fit what you were looking for.
Very nice quality, astounding colors and vibrancy. +1
the Pictures are nice

Vifit (2011-01-12)

good quality nice collection thns for the upload

Meathead123456789 (2011-01-14)

Some very nice pics.
No virus, no porn.

killeurkilleur (2011-01-19) guys are funny...people always assume everyone has high speed internet...that's not the case...i have a 25 kb/s connection and it would take me approx. 50 minutes to download that ...NOT seconds ...

svile (2011-02-06)

Very nice pictures, it's worth of download

mandarp (2011-02-07)

Downloading now @256kbps , will comment of quality and relevance later.

mandarp (2011-02-07)

Good wallpapers , but not to my liking/taste.

ThreadedIron (2011-02-13)

Really amazing nice photos. Highly recommended. No problems at all.

OtherACTION (2011-03-05)

Here's some of the photo's

GANJAking223 (2011-03-05)

The one above this is me my girlfriends stupid ass brother likes signing in on stuff on my comp and not signing out

feb1297 (2011-03-08)

put this on my laptop and ps3 beautifull quality and great pictures

powium (2011-03-12)

To the uploader, thankyou. These collections of full HD images (and there are many good ones) look stunning on a 24" full HD screen, and I've increased the aura of my living environment by using them as screensavers. I have 1,450 on random.
As a side note I do find it amusing that some people simply cannot justify the whopping 88 MB investment.

TPB_helper (2011-03-24)

Very nice

somedude.1001 (2011-03-26)

dude this is from one of the default wallpaper sets in windows, either vista or 7. windows always has the best wallpapers tho, so yeah they are nice

seinn (2011-03-28)

very amazing pictures, thanks for sharing!

dutra90 (2011-03-28)

It's just so beautiful. :)

NerdsterX (2011-04-19)

great pics

m8cet (2011-04-21)

C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\50 Best Real World Full HD Wallpapers 1920 X 1080.rar: CRC failed in 50 Best Real World Full HD Wallpapers 1920 X 1080\21.jpg. The file is corrupt
Same for image 23.jpg...................
Two files are corrupt in the rar file 21 and 23......

C.Guldmann (2011-05-12)

zpickzettmaryjo at hot mail dot com - yes I have a cam

tex_maam (2011-05-21)

Exceptional photos - all files intact and render just fine.

Archall (2011-05-30)

Thanks! but zipx(19-25%) are smaller than rar(~2%) with jpg files inside

kutmongol (2011-06-14)


oiiler (2011-06-14)

Best pics ever !!!!!!!!!

lalith1989 (2011-06-19)

thanks bro really fantastic pics

The5ave1 (2011-07-20)

@435kb/s average in 3 minutes and 50 seconds download time.
Good job. :D

katanaCZ (2011-07-31)


silverchair24 (2011-08-01)

hey fuckers seeeeeed!!!!!lazy dipshits!!!

nomee97 (2011-10-11)

2.5mb/s 15 sec download time, thankyou for cool wallpapers

slayer0817 (2012-07-08)

WOW! Great Collection wallpic! Thanks for contributing to society.

CqDQ (2012-12-15)


XPSC45 (2013-02-09)



1. 50 Best Real World Full HD Wallpapers 1920 X 1080.rar 88.05 Mb