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QuarkXpress 8 +






QuarkXpress 8 +




2008-08-06 (by NoggintheNomad )


Says it all. I'm pretty impressed with the latest version. But then I HATE Indesign!

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517.14 Mb




Beatrice5 (2008-08-07)

Is anyone seeding this thing??

golfpro (2008-08-08)

A Crack 2 has come out implying that this Crack (1) may have some issues.

SheffGraph (2008-08-08)

Hoping this will get me out of a tight spot. Someone's been foolish enough to supply artwork in Quark and I HATE Quark!

macmouse_i (2008-08-08)

After patching there are only 4 program languages left. No German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Russian and Swedish.
Anybody got a solution?
Where can you dl the crack 2 (golfpro) ?

 NoggintheNomad (2008-08-08)

Haven't tried it yet on my PPC laptop. And yes, the crack reduces the available languages. Just wanted to get this out here asap.

SheffGraph (2008-08-08)

Sorry to be a dipstick but can anyone tell me why Transmission says: "data not fully available" alongside the download percentage?

 NoggintheNomad (2008-08-08)

Sheffgraph (Dipstick?), that usually means the torrent file isn't complete ? try downloading it again

 NoggintheNomad (2008-08-08)

BTW, the official system requirements specs according to Quark are G4 (minimum), G5 or Intel, 1GB RAM recommended, OSX 10.4 or 10.5

golfpro (2008-08-08)

It won't let me add the names of the sites concerned.

golfpro (2008-08-08)

mac addict

golfpro (2008-08-08)

or d e m o n o i d

 NoggintheNomad (2008-08-08)

Why is no-one else seeding this?

hoisanterror (2008-08-08)

Damn, there are 49 peers, and no seeders. It's my 4th day on this.

macmouse_i (2008-08-08)

Hi golfpro,
Thanx for your help, it seems to be ok. You still need Little Snitch, cause it wants to make a connection to Quark

 NoggintheNomad (2008-08-08)

I wish someone else would seed this ? I seem to be on my own here! BTW, app running fine, both on Intel and PPC, just installed it on a G4 iBook. It's a bit slower on the iBook, but that might be a RAM issue.

mac.the.ripper (2008-08-09)

You must be kiddin, NoggintheNomad. You wish someone else could seed this? Finish the upload so at least one of the 542 leechers have a copy before u start to act like a chicken...

 NoggintheNomad (2008-08-09)

Erm, Mac the Ripper, this is the first time I have done this. Transmission said 'seeding completed', so in my naïvete I thought it WAS uploaded... Jeez. No chicken here, just a bit confused...

mac.the.ripper (2008-08-09)

hehe...ok. Thanx for your sharing NoggintheNomad.

SheffGraph (2008-08-09)

Many thanks to Noggin. Took a while but loaded smoothly and I didn't even need to ask any more foolish questions. Looks unrecognisable from the last Quark I used (QXP6). BTW: A 'dipstick' is a northern England term for someone that is one sandwich short of a picnic. Thanks again.

 NoggintheNomad (2008-08-09)

I am from Scotland, SheffGraph. I well know what a dipstick is, Ibrox is full of them! Hehe

indesignimage (2008-08-11)

Nice torrent... Works real well

Giggsy55 (2008-08-13)

Noggin - love Scotland (absolutely great scenery _ looks a bit like Canada (looks!) been their a few times and loved it - but you can keep your winters - sorry mate!
Thanks for the upload if it works I'll send you a haggis.
Thanks to you and all around you.
John in Spain

Giggsy55 (2008-08-13)

How come my comments have words missing - pissing me off!!!!

retroste (2008-08-14)

Okay, so i might be an idiot, but how do i install the crack? i open it, and it doesnt show me anywhere to drag and drop the thing to... when i drag it over to the applications it just puts something there and says 'untitled clipping'
Can anyone help?

iamunderstood5 (2008-08-14)

So I am quite new at this.. I downloaded the torrent, but I have a quarkxpress installer thats asking for a validation code and I cannot drop the antidote onto the installer icon... HELP!!!!

iamunderstood5 (2008-08-15)

Im sorry... But I don't have that anywhere.. In my Quarkxpress folder I have, 5 things, 2 read me things, a file that says flashplugin, one that says quick time7 and an icon that says Quarkxpress installer...
once I click on the installer, the drop downs at the top do not give you an evaluation chose. it walks you through the intro, (which welcomes you,) than the license agreement, than the validation screen, and that is where i get stuck. When I try and drop the antidote on the folder or anywhere near the quarkxpress thing it says the antidote cannot be moved cause the quarkxpress installer cannot be modified...
Am I just retarded?!? I can't get it to work and I wanna scream!!!!!!!!!!

 NoggintheNomad (2008-08-16)

Look guys, it's pretty simple. Install QX8 as 'evaluation'. Then open the antidote, and drag the 'QuarkXpress' application icon from the apps folder onto the antidote window, then wait a couple of mins. It works for me.

retroste (2008-08-18)

Thanks mate, its all working now. Im new to having a mac so havent quite killed all the windows voices in my head on how to work everything!
Thanks again!

designseeker (2008-09-08)

I hit a problem with installing so i trashed all the files and downloaded again but now, it says i cant re- install on this machine? anyway round this? much appreciate some help... cheers

gb103325 (2008-12-28)

"To patch, Drag&Drop the application
on the Drop Box." Where is this drop box?

mxnbrit (2009-02-13)

For you to be able to re-install QuarKXpress 8 Evaluation software you need to delete the quarkxpress.pkg as well as quarkxpresskerningtable.pkg, you need to do the following, go to:
Macintosh HD/Library/Receipts/quarkxpress.pkg and quarkxpresskerningtable.pkg, reboot and install again.
Let me know how do you do.

mxnbrit (2009-02-13)

Oh! I forgot, delete the QuarkXpress Folder in your Applications as well.
Good luck mate.

porgman (2009-07-15)

I managed to place QX8 in my Apps folder, and opened the Antidode program and dropped the Quark app onto it; it chugs away for a for secs and then says ?You can?t apply the patch on this file.?
Any ideas?

aussiedee (2009-07-31)

Works!! This is what I did....
NOTE: I have Little Snitch installed :NOTE
Downloaded torrent
Installed Quark
Opened Quark application folder and located the app icon
Opened Antidote (a window flips down and says to drag and drop app on drop box)--> Click "Close"
Drag Quark Icon to the Terminator icon
Wait......... wait........... wait......... wait
wait......... wait........... wait......... wait
Antidote's bar displayed progress and Viola! So far so good, Quark works fine!
Launched the program and it tried to connect to the internet but my Little Snitch stopped it from connecting.
I'm running Leopard 10.5.7 Intel MacBookPro

fineartz (2010-08-30)

Once the free 60 day trial is finished - wont quark try and cancel the app and wont they know your still using it without buying from them?

pincrete (2014-08-21)

I previously had Quark 8 installed on my Mac, recently it started to say 'Evaluation period over'. So I uninstalled it, now however when I try to use THIS installer, I get a 'cannot re-install evaluation' message.
Obviously there is SOMETHING left over from the previous installation, however I cannot find it. Anybody any ideas? Since this installer is dependent on installing 'Demo'.
BTW I do have Little Snitch and am running OS 10.5.7

pincrete (2014-08-22)

Tried solution above from mxnbrit, (removing receipts + xtensions.pkg), but still same result.
Any more ideas anyone?

pincrete (2014-08-22)

I wasn't able to solve the above re-install problem, but was able to do full install using (got from Quark 8.5 Sns on this site) :-