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2011-04-24 (by MAFIAA. )


ASCii P R E S E N T S ADOBE CS5.5 MASTER COLLECTION KEYGEN WIN/OSX Type: DESIGNING MEDIA Packager: TEAM XFORCE Publisher: ADOBE Cracker: TEAM XFORCE Supplier: TEAM XFORCE Release Date: APR 23RD 2011 Release notes Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection software is a comprehensive set of professional creative tools for delivery of design across media Make an impact with work for virtually any screen mobile to tablet to HD display all with one value-packed offering INSTALLATION: 1. Unzip & Unrar, check Crack/install.txt 2. Enjoy it When so many groups bring you crap fakes non-working, X-FORCE always gets you the Best of the Best. ACCEPT NO IMITATION ! X-Force 2011! Group News & Greetings OUR DiAMONDS-4-EVER GREETiNGS MUST GO TO: All our OLD friends ... and to all our fans [----------------- X-FORCE 2011 SMOKING THE COMPETITION --------01/01/11-]


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remzicavdar (2011-04-24)

It's working!!!!!

biggyPirate (2011-04-24)

After Install, can I be connected to internet even though program is not open?

narcarsiss (2011-04-24)

It's verry simple to go inline, follow these instructions.
Go to
Copy hosts file to desktop
Open host file with notepad (Must be notepad!)
One open add this line
Save your file(make sure when saving to select "all files" dont save it as a text document!
copy the file back to your
overwrighting the original.
Not sure if you need to restart but it's best to be safe. Cheers Narcarsiss

DEADBUG (2011-04-24)

Okay call me crazy but CS5.5 has not been released yet and the link you have provided is to adobe who again has not released it how can "it work"

DEADBUG (2011-04-24)

How can this be WORKING? It isnt even released yet???

Dog247 (2011-04-25)

@DEADBUG be quiet cunt

biggyPirate (2011-04-25)

What happen to CORE's post?
He had something similar, does anyone know if it worked?
I installed and every thing worked while not connected to internet. Then when I connected, says serials invalid....?

DEADBUG (2011-04-25)

@biggyPirate ...umm yeah okay internet tough guy lol.

DEADBUG (2011-04-25)

Dog247 turn off the light your mummy is coming LOL.

mas2ery (2011-04-30)

┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ skript kittehs............

xFLESHWOUNDS (2011-05-05)

so when do i enter the serial right off the bat? forget about choosing trial right?

MissTapya (2011-05-05)

Stun..thank works perfectly...great instructions--very easy to follow thanks.
Get you get some plug-ins that works with Photoshop like Nik...complete Nik Software works with 64 thanks....just a request :)

OLFMA (2011-05-06)

Thanks very much for uploading this XFORCE keygen :)
I know this generates keys for Mac as well, but does anybody have CORE's keygen for Mac? CORE had a brilliant keygen for Adobe CS5 and related products which generated keys for Master Collection, Design Premium, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Lightroom, InCopy, Acrobat X, Director and numerous others. I do make use of these on Mac and would gladly appreciate if somebody could upload CORE's Mac keygen for Adobe's CS5.5 suite if they have it. Thank you so much!

kokkeli10 (2011-05-09)

Yes it is working, for a few months. If you move the system date three months ahead trial is expired.

DoodlezNShit (2011-05-14)

I have never done a crack please help me install

DoodlezNShit (2011-05-14)

Anyone please help?

lemski (2011-05-15)

Don't believe this is a permanent crack, from what I can see. Followed the instructions perfectly (downloaded 'trial' from Adobe) and initially no problem. Set my clock date forward to August 2, 2011 and it asks for another serial number. Ran the same keygen from this download yet no joy. The installation was on Windows 7 Ultimate.
Tried on my second Windows 7 machine (to ensure no legacy from previous attempts) and starting the installation with clock date set to 2 August, the serial is not recognised thereby prohibiting my proceeding any further. Set to 1 August, tried to install again and the serial is recognised. Again, after install, if the clock date is set to 2 August, serial expired pops up and it wont recognise other serials from the keygen. Set the clock date back and voila!
I conclude that 1 of 2 things is happening:
1) the serials generated by the keygen are temporary, lasting only a few months; or
2) I am doing something wrong and the keygen is perhaps not picking up some information (e.g. system) to make it permanent.
Note: my problem has NOTHING to do with activation, as I unplugged by broadband modem, and I believe have successfully blocked the activation from occurring. This problem appears to be serials-related.
I would appreciate it if other piratebayers could:
a) test their 'successful' installations by pushing their clock dates forward, and starting a CS5.5 app; or
b) advise me if I have done something wrong.
Did not have these problems with CS4 - hoping you guys can help. I've tried to be as logical / clear about what I'm doing.
Many thanks,

daveyboy6 (2011-05-15)

The damn thing worked like a charm!!!!! Thanks!

lemski (2011-05-15)

daveyboy6 - have you set your computer clock forward until later this year and tried to run a CS5.5 component, to see if it's *permanent*?

 DeGun (2011-05-19)

other working : win all

jipjapstam (2011-06-02)

Every time i open up i am asked for a new serial number. I have fixed the hosts file and stopped the updates but nothing works. The only thing that works is if i dont connect to the internet but i cant leave my computer permanently unplugged from the net. I had the same problem with cs4 so i uninstalled it and installed cs5. It worked fine for a day or 2. I have cs4 working fine on another computer so i cant figure it out. Please help!!

aoknar (2011-06-10)

it works in 64bits?

Oddler7 (2011-06-15)

I couldn't get this to stay permanent. I used several serials....each one I used from this keygen btw were all saying Invalid Serial. I had to go online to a website with a ton of stray serial numbers posted and those were the only ones I got to work.
I'd open the programs up and then close them then reopen them and it would state my trial period ended and or the serial number was invalid.
I went to my Host files and put in the little digit code inside. I pasted it at the very bottom as a straight copy and paste and also on a seperate occasion with a "#" symbol each line had on all the previous lines in that host file to replicate it's style...[the directions on how to do it aren't very detailed].
I cannot get this to work. Can anyone help please? I'm a sad panda :(

devl717 (2011-06-21)

If it keep asking for serial, try this: just click cancel and it will look like you canceling to open the program, but after that the program opens normaly as full version (not trial version). This is just a tip, it works by me.

Oddler7 (2011-06-22)

Did you by chance have zero days left on free trial? Mine is still ticking down and hitting cancel or the big X let's me use the program still but it may be because I still have 24 days left.

ShadowLea (2011-06-23)

Guys, make sure you disable Read Only on the hosts file. (y'know, rightclick, properties). It resets the file if you dont. Also, (almost)everytime you run Windows Update or System Recovery, the hosts file gets reset, thus requiring you to re-enter the line. This might be what is causing the problem. Keep in mind that when the hosts file is reset, the code will not work again. (because the code gets checked and declared invalid in the program's files).
Also, if you DIDNT edit the hosts file, and you're having problems with getting the code to be valid, EDIT THE HOSTS FILE. Otherwise it wont work, period. SO DO THIS BEFORE ENTERING THE SERIAL! It blocks the program from checking the code on adobe's website. SO ITS REQUIRED TO ADD THE LINE!
You DO NOT NEED TO ADD THE #! its a commentary symbol and will EXCLUDE the line. All it shoudl say below the examples is (might say more depending on your windows version and rip): localhost
Thats it. (The localhost is not related to the adobe one, but it's just there (for me, atleast.))
If that still doesn't work, add all of these:
Hope this helps.

superxyz (2011-06-24)

This doesn't work properly.
Ignore any advice about hosts files and firewalls. (Normally this advice is good, BTW)
Try setting your clock forward 6 months, after you've installed the program and generated a key.
In fact, there are no working keygens for CS5.5 at the mo...

cc600 (2011-06-26)

Given the comments posted I have a few (but not concrete) theories.
1) The adobe CS5.5 suite REQUIRES a call home at some point. CS5 never requires this - if you enter a valid serial it never is required to activate. I downloaded a legit trial, blocked the activation process and entered in a serial. Boom, it worked. I would venture a guess that after a period of time without a call home, it disables itself and refuses any serial number. I would imagine that if you had a legit serial and couldn't connect for whatever reason Adobe would be able to do something for you.
2) There is a bug in the software that even with legit serials (I have no way to test this) you will lose activation. Again, Adobe would be able to fix this problem, but we can't exactly ask Adobe for help on this one.
3) The serials being generated and passed around right now are creating an "extended trial". I doubt this is the case as there would likely be a window that shows how many days left.
4) The serials being generated are being attributed to the new subscription based service. I don't know if this is likely or not. I don't know how it works and if you log in and it checks your status every time you start up the program or if you are issued a serial that works until a certain day (or a certain number of days) then deactivates and requires a new serial that is in sequence with the first.
No idea, and this is all guesswork. I haven't even been able to download the trial to try it legitimately so far.

ShadowLea (2011-06-26)

The best solution is to just download the CS5 collection, crack that with the hosts file and just update the thing... Done that on 12 computers, even set the clock to 2013, works fine...

Vikohack (2011-06-27)

Heres a working Key, if the ones in the txt file dont work for you :

iiZyKloN (2011-07-09)

ive been trying codes for about an hour now, i download ur guys' stuff and the first code worked.
enough said, this IS legit, i literally just made a profile to say this :D

fjoson (2011-07-11)

Well if what ShadowLea said about installing CS5 first and just updating is right, then I'm all good. Already got CS5. Guess I'll find out soon enough

pawnone (2011-07-13)

Ok Guys I installed the 5.5 from adobe and used this crack works great no problems (windos xp).... but when I installed it on a friends computer it doesnt work asks for S# (windows 7) is there a difference in the way it needs to be done in windows 7?????

pawnone (2011-07-13)

Never mind I Got it thanks to (narcarsiss) Follow his directions above..... and if you are not loged in to windows as administrator the disable activation will not work... and to edit the host file you need to be logged in as administrator as well

technix89 (2011-07-14)

Ok For all the people who asked. Heres the way i got master collection working on 3 pcs with updates. Firstly disconnect from the internet before you install.
Download cores keygen from this torrent (DO NOT USE ACTIVATOR as this will mess it up!)[GR420]

Next download the Retail version of the master collection from...

its 13gb but its worth it with all th extras!
Next patch the host file using narcarsiss's method
Restart pc. And walla :D

hu2 (2011-07-20)

where do I find narcarsiss's method?

vivalaraza13 (2011-07-22)

works great
hey can you get hitfilm untimate

helloscratchalice (2011-07-23)

Hey guys, I found a working serial, used it on two machines, make sure you disconnect internet.
Windows :
I tried the Windows serial and it worked on both of my PCs, but I have not verified whether or not the Mac serial works. Enjoy

bdubz4 (2011-07-25)

@superxyz is actually right. When you set the clock forward it gives an error message saying the serial used to activate has expired.
I'm running Mac OS X Lion, with CS5 fully cracked and working but couldn't work out how to 'upgrade' rather than do a fresh install of CS5.5.
This crack is just a temporary fix, a long term fix for this would be appreciated!

OBESEJ (2011-07-25)

I wish you guys would read what is affecting this product.
So before the rest of you retards say that it works it works, try and set your fucking god damn clocks to August 3, 2011 and then come back and let us know if it works. I tried every single serial listed in this thread after changing my date/time and it does not work.
I did find a key floating around that worked on OS X. This also affects the OS X version as well.
Good luck.

ShadowLea (2011-07-27)

@everyone crying about the clock:
Install CS5 (NOT 5.5!) And just let it update with the additions to the hostfile made
*rolleyes* setting the clock to bloody 11 august 2015 and it STILL works fine.

ArtGod (2011-08-02)

From August 2011, this method doesn't work. Although modifying hosts file and disconnecting from internet, serial is no longer accepted by this program.
I've had a working Master 5.5 with a X-FORCE serial and now serial is not valid. Hope somebody can find a solution soon.

pablo_J (2011-08-02)

Artgod is correct, ive tried almost every serial on the net with no luck.

do2an (2011-08-03)

I have success with CORE keygen. This keygen I found in release of Audition CS5.5. Keygen works for individual applications. Instal Master Collection as trial, and then try to activate programs individually. I activated today Acrobat X Pro, v.10 from the Master Collection. BTW - also had problem with expired XFORCE keygen. And - I pushed the date one year forward - everything works fine... Also Audition CS5.5 works with this Core keygen. Didn't try other applications, but I hope this is the way...

weavty1 (2011-08-03)

I'm having the same issue now as the last few folks on here.. Was working perfectly, then asked me exactly 30 days after installing, to register with a product key/serial.
What's with the August 3rd, 2011 date/clock thing now, that everyone's talking about?? I assume we will have to wait for a keygen to work for the retail official-release version, now? Since I'm assuming Adobe cut the pre-release keys out of their system?

weavty1 (2011-08-03)

Do2an, can you please elaborate on your setting the clock back/forward a whole year? I'm a little lost there.. lol, thanks man!

do2an (2011-08-03)

Guys, try keygen from team "CORE". It works for me (Acrobat, Photoshop, Audition, that's what I use). You must activate individual applications, one by one with separate, correspondig serial for each (there is for every version in this keygen).
@weavty1: that was only test - I pushed the date one year forward to see if Core
keygen serials will expire. And - they will not :-)

alexharris52 (2011-08-03)

Just turn the clock back.

bigj77 (2011-08-03)

where do u find team core keygen ?

fauazjavier (2011-08-03)

to Master Collection 5.5 and the issue of August 2 I found this serial number 1325-0652-3605-8535-3250-5069 I served, I hope you find it useful

do2an (2011-08-03)

This is the name of the release, where I found Core-keygen:

I found it on some music-related warez site, don't remember. There is btjunkie torrent site, there you have this release also... And other individual application from Master Collection, with Core-keygen...

stinger90210 (2011-08-04)

@ShadowLea: CS5 will not upgrade to CS5.5, it is a seperate product. How's your Warp Stabilyzer working in AE CS5? It's not because it doesnt / wont exist.
@Technix89: We are talking about CS5.5 here not CS5. I think we all have and have had machines running CS5 with no prob. The problem with current MC CS5.5 is the issue.
For anyone saying it is working: Here is a nice test for MC CS5.5.
1. In Pr, do you have access to HDSLR Sequence Presets? The 5.5 Trial wont show those, nor would you be able to open previously created projects that used those.
2. Does Adobe Dynamic Link work for you? If not then you probably dont have Production Premium or Master Collection installed.
3. Have you verified that either or both of these work with an active internet connection and date set beyond Aug. 3rd 2011?
Guys please dont say it works unless it really works.

amrosm (2011-08-04)

Can someone post an update: are there any solutions to the issue of
Master Collection 5.5 after Aug 2 ?
new keygens maybe?

amrosm (2011-08-04)

There you go, it worked for me:[deep

stinger90210 (2011-08-04)

@asrosm: Initial tests say this is indeed the fix we have been looking for. I'll do more testing; Hopefully this will keep working.

carltabet (2011-08-07)

@fauazjavier: Your serial worked. Thanks!

gijoogoo (2011-08-11)

Jesus, every month?
How is that even possible with the hosts activation blocked?
If that's the case then people buying adobe products must need to put in a new key each month.
Or perhaps they have a database of names/activation numbers they check against when a legit copy connects to their servers.
Either way, doing it once a month is a pain, mine was working for well over a month before august 3rd when it went belly up for everyone.

charles_the_wolf (2011-08-15)

The key generator is not working for me it keeps saying my serial code is invalid or not correct does anyone know where to find a crack or key gen that will actually work. 100% of the time or disabling that screen for good? Let me know

WEBLEYYYY (2011-08-19)

New working keys!

gijoogoo (2011-08-25)

Yeah sort of, but then why did everyones serials stop working in august?

graffix (2011-08-29)

use 1 of these keys.
after installation right click on disable activation & run as administrator.
fully updateable

Lykos2210 (2011-08-29)

Hi! I got a problem.
I currently installed (while I was disconnected from the internet) some Adobe Products CS5 and CS5.5 and everything works just fine but when I reconnect andreopened any of the programs after using it for the first time, I get the trial message asking me to insert a new serial key because the old one is invalid. Can anyone help please??

james.liu (2011-09-01)

@amrosm: your new link works for me.
@WEBLEYYYY: your serial number also works.
Thank You

james.liu (2011-09-01)

@amrosm: your new link works for me.
@WEBLEYYYY: your serial number also works.
Thank Youa

james.liu (2011-09-01)

c0ssY (2011-09-02)

Thank you man, I've been searching for some keys for a while!!
Long live you!

Pokiaka (2011-09-10)

How do you use it? I have 2 folders, 1 for mac, another one with more mac files (.dmg archives. 7zip showed pretty clearly they're for mac too)

Jwrbloom (2011-09-12)

I'm having problem on OS X. I'm new to OS X. In Windows, I'm used to adding lines of code to hosts files.
In OS X, it says to go through the terminal. As best as I can tell, I'm logged in as the admin (the only user). When I start execute the command line to add the OS X file, it says permission denied.
Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

hmorris94 (2011-09-16)

@Jwrbloom it reads like you are trying to create a hosts file (where one is already in place)? That's not what you want to do if I read that correctly. I don't at all mean to belittle you but i don't want to leave something important out.
Use 'sudo'. Above administrators in the privilege hierarchy is the "root" user who is the only the one authorized to do some low-level things in the system. 'sudo' grants root privileges for the proceeding command. Execute 'sudo nano /private/etc/hosts' to enter the "nano" text editor on OS X's host file (note the different location from Windows), and add the necessary entries in the host file.
Hope this helps.

unitejulz (2011-09-20)

im confused as hell i downloaded now what do i do?
i cant open anything up?

andyhagerton (2011-09-23)

Come'on guys... the ADOBE CS5 5 MASTER COLLECTION KEYGEN WIN OSX-XFORCE contains four Troians by AVG...
I hate this shit.

adisyam (2011-09-25)

Thanks man...

Heintron (2011-09-29)

Virii infected shit. Trojan horse.

Intence_v0v0 (2011-10-11)

How do u mounted all those files?

larsaaby94 (2011-10-16)

AVG tells you it's trojan (usually) because it's a keygen. A keygen is used for gaining access to non-free services/application for free, so they don't want you to keep them

larsaaby94 (2011-10-17)

Anyone know how to get this to work?
I get 82 errors and 92 warnings when trying to install Photoshop (x64), Illustrator and After Effects (0 fatal errors), which stops the installation with Exit Code: 7
Please help!

lonerwolf (2011-10-21)

This worked for me:) Thank you!!

svetkopetko5 (2011-10-30)

TROJANS all over this shitty shit!!! and no, i'm not some dumb avg user... true known trojans in multiple files.

ezeuba1 (2011-10-30)

Just deny all of the programs in the master suite access to the internet, via firewall. It worked for me.

helliformer (2011-10-31)

Look at this virustotal report and decide for yourself.

Many of definitions say its "unwanted" or "not-a-virus-keygyen/adobe" etc. So what I think is that the coding of this reveals too easily that it's a keygen so that's why so many alerts. :)

badpritt (2011-11-11)

The generated OS X serials are not working! I have a Macbook Pro met OS X Lion (v10.7.2).
Anyone any idea what to do? :S Thnx!

badpritt (2011-11-11)

The serials form @WEBLEYYYY worked for me (OS X Lion). Thnx mate!

raged24 (2011-12-12)

Perfect!!! Thank you very much for this torrent.... clean :)

Kedrov (2011-12-19)

I'm having serious problems with that one :S
And i'm not noob who does do it 1st time.
I know how to block adobe, add lines in host file, and blah blah blah.. but the deal is i have a winXP SP3 and I used Shadeyman CS4 MasterC but now i want to go CS5 and i have tried 2 different ver. XFORCE and last Shadeyman's ver. of ADOBE MC CS5 or 5.5 and i keep getting this problem->
After I install and everything is going Okay.. if i start Photoshop, Flash, Illust. and others i keep getting this screen where it says START TRIAL or something and ENTER SERIAL.. What is the deak.. how to fix it?
Thank You! :)

Dandy007 (2011-12-22)

hi mr mafiaa,ive had only sofar good working stuff frm u only recently joined so 1, wud like t thnk alot v u guys...great work! plz can som1 help me out 'ere, ok ive just installed 'adobe CS5.5 master collection' frm adobe,yrt nerver actvtd th 'trial'...cos found serial,thnx t u guys...ive covered the 'prog' wid wat i believe t b valid patch,thing is worried bout turnin internt on due 2 'regedit' settings i seen on here b4 ie; '' not comp. wiz so plz explain if n how t do this som1...wud b vy much thnkful,ps im on win7/x64 ty.

Dandy007 (2011-12-22)

@Kedrov easy t do ad host lines,plz explain as i not wiz n i need t do tht. many thnx

Dandy007 (2011-12-22)

its ok im a DIY...

je1v1ima (2011-12-29)

I downloaded and installed this successfully a while ago, but Media Encoder is crashing now, requesting that I update... How should I go about doing that? Since I seem to have no other viable option. Is there a fairly simple way of only updating the one application? Or I'll update all of them, just how do I do it safely? Thanks

Dandy007 (2012-01-19)

Hiya Guys n Galls,wud lk to jst say wat has worked 4me on installing n activating "adobe CS5.5 master coll".. ok Wheather u download frm "adobe" as "trial"..or a "torrent" Which have used both!! For TORRENT I've "Extracted" in C:\\program files\ using "PowerISO" personal choice,Setup the "CS5.5 M Coll.." use as trial skip the "Adobe ID" bit Open 1 v the folders ie;Photoshop..Go 2 "HELP" on top menu's,then to Update..I find its QUICKER to Update 1 to 3 at one time,do them ova n ova till all is updated...can use any folder/ Update.
Now "FIND" GOOD KEYGEN!!! I've been usin 1 Called "UPDATED KEYGEN" (tam/CORE) K Now go through each "Adobe CS5.5" folder/app..& ENTER KEY for each app 1by1 (Keep mental note v NAME n VERSION/BUILD) & enter Keys.
Make sure to "PATCH HOST" files ethier by Keygen or Manually?? B4!!! BUT after UPDATED!!
Downloaded frm Adobe i used E-mail add wid "Adobe download Assistant"..U have 2! On this Way I NEVER used "TRIAL" but 1ce again I PATCHED n ENTERED Keys 1by1...On this 1 I found a REG LINE to put in,I'd Never done this B4..Think it was something lk (AdobeOnlineDefault)...Mayb Som1 More EXPERINCED cud HELP/CORRECT this if need be...???? ALL HAS/IS Working WELL for 1mnth+ now, This my 4th installation Now & STILL good...
Hope this Has helped...Take Care TPB!

gamerkore (2012-02-14)

The serials form @WEBLEYYYY worked for me , Mac OS X 10.6.8, thank you =D

RandomElephant (2012-03-05)

Does this work!

elfenliedtopfan5 (2012-03-13)

any way this is what you do most anti viruses will flag as trogen here is how to stop that disable your anit virus open it up and there you go no problem :) hope this helps

SkrzataN (2012-03-13)


nineoutof (2012-03-13)

Help plz..... can't get any of the serial keys to work i'm running on the latest Mac OS X 10.7.3. any advice please i'm a noob to mac btw.

nineoutof (2012-03-13)

@byxspeak666 any other way beside filling out those surveys, I plug in some fake info and didn't seem to go through

xiouxie (2012-04-06)

1325-1001-2768-2602-9475-9688 worked perfectly well for me. THanx a lot Webleyyyy !!!! :D

dangert420 (2012-04-16)

@xiouxie that one worked for me too! thanks, now i don't have to download.

spetga69 (2012-04-22)

@xiouxie that serial you provided worked for me.

iPoptart (2012-04-26)


Angertek (2012-05-14)


badboynickyb (2012-09-12)

I can't get the serial numbers to work? I'm assuming their expire after a certain date because I have turned off my internet so that Adobe cannot phone home?
I have tried these two XFORCE keygens without success.

I am trying to install Adobe CS5 Master Collection (Not 5.5)
Any help available?