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AutoCad 2005 +serial




Software PC


AutoCad 2005 +serial




2006-03-24 (by soylent777)



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382.90 Mb




Tuben 22 (2006-03-28)


smurfenglubb (2006-05-29)

Great upload!

simton (2006-09-11)

Seed!! stuck at 99%!!!!

seanmuller (2006-09-13)

Please seed also stuck at 99%

james_bryan (2007-01-13)

how on earth do you install this file. it wont unzip in winrar. so im lost please help!!!!

kisstofs (2007-01-27)

Really, really great. Thank you!

tucker76 (2007-01-30)

Thanks. Any tips on getting the activtion code out of the key generator, i copy in the request code but its keeps saying Request Code is Incorrect

gbank54 (2007-02-04)

I have the same problem. Keygen isn't generating a key. anyone have any ideas????

ifihadtime (2007-04-02)

Serial No: 400-12345678
Request Code: YJLH S4E9 ZJH9 SNJX TOYT 2CR5 WW77
Activation Code: 4819 4161 9005 4246 3276
All worked, and opened the program.
But the program dosen't work! anyone have any ideas?

evdbroek (2007-09-03)

It only works for 30 days??? How do I have it working for a longer period?

jenster2 (2007-09-20)

This works great, using the code included: 400-12345678, but it seems to be a 30 day demo. Is there a code that makes it permanent, or should I start downloading another version?

jenster2 (2007-09-20)

Sorry wrong file; this is not the one I downloaded.

murdocklan (2009-04-11)

Excelente funciona bien el serial y activacion gracias, el programa me funciona correctamente

mackjack (2010-01-09)

Thank you. Followed the steps in note pad, works excellent.

tatobom (2010-02-22)

AutoCAD 2005 in Windows Vista
AutoCAD is a software application for 2D and 3D drafting.
Primarily used by architects and engineers, AutoCAD allows
users to create blueprints, plans and drawings of structural buildings.
Unfortunately, AutoCAD 2005 will not function on the Windows Vista
platform because the Vista drivers will not support it. But after
installation, you can to modify AutoCAD 2005 for compatibility with Windows Vista.
Step 1: Insert the AutoCAD 2005 CD to begin the installation process.
Choose "Full Install," which will automatically install everything into your C drive.
Step 2: Click on the "Start/Windows" button and go to "Computer."
Access your C drive and double-click "Program Files."
Step 3: Locate the AutoCAD 2005 folder and double-click on it.
Step 4: Find the "acad.exe" file and right-click on it.
Select the compatibility tab and check "Run this program
in compatibility for" and select "Windows XP."
Step 5: Select the privilege level as "Run this program as an administrator."

Phoofoto (2010-05-10)

thanks for the download


1. AutoCad 2005 +serial 382.90 Mb