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Pop N Music Collection (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Anime melo










2007-01-17 (by mty_empty)


FINALY!!! All Bemanis Pop'n Music games has been assemble to a single collection. This file contains all Pop'n Music games released on PSX and PS2 so far. For PSX: Pop'n Music 1 Pop'n Music 2 Pop'n Music 3 Pop'n Music 4 Pop'n Music 5 Pop'n Music 6 Pop'n Music Disney Tunes Pop'n Music Anime melody For PS2: Pop'n Music 7 Pop'n Music 8 Pop'n Music 9 Pop'n Music 10 Pop'n Music 11 Pop'n Music 12 Pop'n Music 13 Pop'n Music Best Hits All games where collected by PsssT and MTy

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20074.55 Mb




Izzy (2007-08-26)

Really nice torrent, looked for all Pop'n Music Games for a while. Keep on seeding, I will

Crusty (2007-11-07)

hope i will get 100%
this is one of those torrents that never should die.

mty_empty (2007-11-13)

i will keep it alive forever and ever :)

akuba27 (2007-11-21)

No more seeds ... .0kb/Sec .... got 95% ... Can someone seeds again ? When i got 100% i gonna seeds when i can

Crusty (2007-12-02)

jumping in again to seed. stay and seed you shitheads. will give this a little more but thats it.

Dan1lo (2007-12-26)

Wow this should be one of the best torrents I've ever seen, I'm surely gonna host some of these, I won't be able to seed all, but I'll seed most :)

Dan1lo (2007-12-29)

How to make anime.melo to work?
I've burned it and it shows an image like 'forbidden'

mty_empty (2008-01-03)

i never burned it but the iso works fine with an psx emulator.

Padex (2008-02-26)

I'll keep on seedin' some more : )
You can find covers on
atleast for all the PS2 games, and for some of the PSX games..

mty_empty (2008-02-28)

man i cant wait for 15 to come out, the games just keep getting better and better :)

anthrophlex (2008-06-06)

Anyone know where I can find a controller for this? I'm not having any luck finding on. It would be a lot more fun if I didn't have to use a normal gamepad.

mty_empty (2008-06-25)

This guy makes and sells controllers
or you can just buy the buttons and build one your self :) Some places that sells the popn buttons are:

kitsune777 (2010-09-22)

Can anyone explain how to use Pop'n Music 4 (Append disc)? I can read enough of the message that comes up when I insert it to know that I need to put in Pop'n Music 2 and reset, but I'm not sure what to do next.


1. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( 499 bytes
2. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music 10.iso 3318.41 Mb
3. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music 11.iso 3345.31 Mb
4. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music 12.iso 3293.69 Mb
5. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music 13.iso 3496.78 Mb
6. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music 7.iso 1171.91 Mb
7. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music 8.iso 1171.91 Mb
8. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music 9.iso 1228.50 Mb
9. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music Best Hits.iso 558.91 Mb
10. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music 1.iso 149.61 Mb
11. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music 2.iso 305.65 Mb
12. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music 3.iso 293.44 Mb
13. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music 4 (Append disc).iso 257.22 Mb
14. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music 5.iso 448.69 Mb
15. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music 6.iso 635.90 Mb
16. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music Animelo (Anime melody).iso 208.67 Mb
17. Pop.N.Music.Collection.( - Pop'n Music Disney tunes.iso 189.97 Mb