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4 Rare 80s Albums [Part 100] New Wave, Post-Punk, Experimental




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4 Rare 80s Albums [Part 100] New Wave, Post-Punk, Experimental




2010-07-17 (by 80zforever )


And here's part 100! Many thanks to Brad for great rip of Q-Feel record. Also thanks to Edward for contributing to some of the records I posted in this series. Now we have some great stuff in here, awesome power pop/new wave record from Fay Ray, great dancepop/synthpop music from Q-Feel and brilliant new wave record from the Aussie's The Venetians which is hard to come by. Now some info on Shock Headed Peters. Appearing (and remaining) as a bit of a mystery in the UK in the mid eighties, the Peter's main man and grey eminence, Karl Blake(Ex. Lemon Kittens) was then enthusing about Black Sabbath and Vanilla Fudge in interviews. This was, at that time, about the most unfashionable thing you could do. Blake's mannered and very English vocals fit oddly with the early hard rock sound at the core of this project. It's a bit like T.S. Elliot fronting Steppenwolf. Add finely judged classical orchestration and sinister, if deeply obscure, lyrics and the result is a unique and unforgettable sense of disorientation. Anyone interested in early English Goth and industrial music should definitely give this a listen. The Peters were contemporary with those movements, although never a part of them, and they beat most of their representatives for atmosphere hands down. Fay Ray - Contact You [1982] Q-Feel - Q-Feel [1982] Shock Headed Peters - Not Born Beautiful [1985] The Venetians - Step Off The Edge [1985]

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rtrifunov (2010-07-17)

Congratulations 80z for the 100th issue of the rare 80s albums series. You gave considerable effort uploading rare gems and you should know that it is appreciated. Please don\'t stop with the good work. Cheers

Maxpayne33 (2010-07-18)

YES! Congrats on your 100th DL! I was also a DJ and Music Director from 1979 - 1987 (Minnesota) and I can say you have unearthed GEMS! There are TWO that I once owned but lost in the shuffle. Gary Myrick & the Figures and The Producers 1st LP. I always look 4 them and I see trax but not the LPs. PLEASE Upload for a Lifelong Fan!! I and Future Generations THANK YOU!

bigjoe (2010-07-18)

Well done!!

kastlebay (2010-07-18)

them peters is a really nice one. never heard of them before ... thanks for this no. 100 of your great collections.

freebeestud (2010-07-19)

Thanks alot 80zforever. Along with the infinite magic you bring you deserve to be amongst the wizard class of 80s nastalgia.

 80zforever (2010-07-22)

Welcome guys. Maxpayne33, if I post another series, I'd put your requests in. Cheers.

ryckw (2010-07-22)

Any chance you could seed Espionage self-titled 1983 again please?

80scrazy (2010-07-23)

Hello again 80z........has been a while
Have got a new request for you......
Looking for Bee Bop Mop Top by Danny Wilson
had this CD at one time but was stolen
Thank you! as always!!

80scrazy (2010-07-23) looking for Danny Wilson's 2nd CD
called Bee Bop Mop Top....can you help

 80zforever (2010-07-24)

ryckw, will re-seed it for you later today. 80scrazy, yes have that CD but not sure when I will post it. probably next week.

80scrazy (2010-07-29)

Thanks as always!.....and sorry for the double-request....but wasn't sure the first had went through!

ryckw (2010-08-02)

Thanks 80zforever, sorry to ask again but I'm stuck at 83%. Can you please seed Espionage again.

ryckw (2010-08-03)

Got it, thanks again.

roskiller (2010-09-27)

Thanks a lot for the previous 99 posts - and especially for Shockheaded Peters!!! Saw them live at the Sneekwave festival (Holland 1987). Great to have digitised album!!! Many thanks, Roskiller

missLSD25 (2010-10-13)

---^---thanXs for the UP---^---
---^---?Feed your head, feed your head?---^---

smurphyzeke (2011-03-05)