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Intelligence (2006) - Season 1 Complete - Canadian TV Series






Intelligence (2006) - Season 1 Complete - Canadian TV Series


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2008-09-27 (by mendelesq)



Intelligence (2006) - Season 1 > IMDB USER RATING: 8.2 > COUNTRY: Canada > CREATOR: Chris Haddock > SCREENWRITERS: Chris Haddock, Rick Crook > CAST: Ian Tracey, Klea Scott, John Cassini, Matt Frewer > Originally aired on CBC Jimmy Reardon and Mary Spalding head their respective organizations, Mary as Director of the Organized Crime Unit, Jimmy the boss of his family's organized crime business. Unexpectedly, Mary successfully recruits Jimmy to act as her star individual in the OCU's underground intelligence network on organized crime. However, it's a two-way street as she needs to provide Jimmy with inside information on police knowledge of his businesses. Both Mary and Jimmy need to tread lightly in their relationship while they try and maintain a hold on their respective businesses.

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datapicard (2009-04-16)

amazing show. bad rip. v 4 / a 8
the low quality is worth it for the watch though.

Video_Veg (2010-07-29)

Finally got both Series I & 2 downloaded, no help from my poor sporadic WiFi linkage. Also, Series I had usually only 1 seed, took 3 days for the last 2% uploading at 3x download speed. I don't mind - it's a great series and am glad to pass it around; 'Intelegence' was never given the credit or exposure it deserved.
Is there a 'Series 3' ? If so, I want it too. {copy}

xerawx (2012-03-24)

Really too bad this show didn't get the support it deserved. I'm Canadian myself and had never even heard of it until I caught a late night rerun. Unfortunately that is the fate of all too many excellent shows these day. Seems like the era of endless shitty disposable reality shows is finally coming to a close at least.


1. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence - 1x13 - Season Finale.avi 460.25 Mb
2. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence 1x00 - Pilot.avi 667.96 Mb
3. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence 1x01 - Where Good men Die Like Dogs.avi 316.46 Mb
4. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence 1x02 - A Champagne payday.avi 320.67 Mb
5. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence 1x03 - Don't Break Your Brother's Heart.avi 322.02 Mb
6. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence 1x04 - Jimmy's Got a Money Machine.avi 320.12 Mb
7. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence 1x05 - Where There's One There's Another.avi 466.83 Mb
8. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence 1x06 - Pressure Drop.avi 364.93 Mb
9. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence 1x07 - Love and War.avi 460.99 Mb
10. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence 1x08 - Clean and Simple.avi 460.75 Mb
11. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence 1x09 - Cleaning Up.avi 460.92 Mb
12. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence 1x10 - Things Change.avi 461.14 Mb
13. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence 1x11 - Not a Nice Boy.avi 461.34 Mb
14. Intelligence (2006) - Season 1/Intelligence 1x12 - Dante's Inferno.avi 461.38 Mb