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Adobe Illustrator CS2 Inc Keygen SSG




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Adobe Illustrator CS2 Inc Keygen SSG




2005-05-06 (by Jax)


There it is

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142.34 Mb




untraceable2 (2005-05-07)

im having problems connections to the tracker, anyone else having this?

untraceable2 (2005-05-07)

im now connected but it took 45 minutes.

untraceable2 (2005-05-07)

please seed.....

Morphen (2005-05-07)

Where is Jax hiding ??

jeebee (2005-05-07)

he new? if dl okay it'l be supernice, thnx

Jax (2005-05-07)

Then upload your version peter you twat

GarfieldLC (2005-05-10)

why is this seeding but not downloading ?

saytensays (2005-05-25)

well peterg, if you do a little research before dloading things.... like maybe if you read the nfo file.... you would have known this is a rip... *shakes head*
the nfo CLEARLY states:
Samples and Templates are ripped off, if you need
them - go grab release from TDA."

Orestes (2005-05-29)

what is TDA?

dibl (2005-06-05)

Still tracker error after 30 min

sifally (2005-06-23)

Ive tried the ssg keygen from several different sources (this one included) and it hasnt worked (on cs2 v12).

sifally (2005-06-23)

d'oh falso alarm

andrewmacc (2005-07-05)

Okay, I'm new at this. I've unrar'ed the files, unzipped Data1, and now all I have is hundreds of files with no visible means of executing/installing Illustrator. What the hell do I do?

andrewmacc (2005-07-05)

Woah. Sorry. It commented three times...

shaquatch (2005-07-13)

sifally: This keygen in this release works perfectly for me all you have to do is follow the directions in the nfo. Remember that you do not use the hyphens when it generates a serial.On the activation side the number you use does include the hyphens.

Blowtart (2005-07-14)

Upon Unraring the main program (not "keygen.rar"), you should see five (5) files:
Adobe Illustrator CS2.csa
Adobe Illustrator CS2.msi
Right-click on "Adobe Illustrator CS2.msi" and in the context menu choose "Install".
The rest should be simple.
Use the keygen in "keygen.rar" to get your serial and activation code.
PS: Just to be on the safe side, make sure you disconnect your internet connection before running the program, so there is absolutley no way Illustrator can communicate with it's servers, especially during the moment you enter the serial and activation code. It may not be necessary to disconnect, but just do it for safety reasons.

Ceno (2005-08-04)

Does people still get this to work? I DLed it twice now amd gets a error mess quite early when tryin to install it:

Error 1311.Source file not found:
yaddayaddaTempRar$ Verify that the file exists and that you can accses it.

And then I can either retry or cancel.
Well... Same happens again when retryin.
Anybode else has the same or any ideas?!

Ceno (2005-08-04)

This error seems to change file also basicly everytime I retries!?

jade_star01 (2006-01-04)

hey! I've installed illustrator cs2 and I can't activate it!!!! I keep getting this error message "error 93:-8". Can someone help me activate this? I'm kinda clueless!

Morehdel (2006-02-07)


sorlandet (2006-02-08)

Can someone please tell me how to activate this application? Thanks!

3d recon (2006-02-09)

hope this works traning to be a graphic designer so this will come in handy...cheers lads

jade_star01 (2006-02-19)

Can someone help me? I haven't done this in a while and I forgot. I can't remember how to unrar the files. I know it's lame, but I'm kinda new to this. Any help would be appreciated.

Socom3 (2006-03-24)

Help where do I get the TDA Templates and Samples release

simenb (2006-05-29)

you have to use Winrar to unrar the files, then just follow the instructions in the readme file.
Works perfectly thanks alot!!

rylleman (2006-06-13)

Have you ripped all brushes, swatches and strokes!?
People use those you know...

rylleman (2006-06-13)

No, you hadn't, my bad. Just my installation that bugged.

Nidnamron (2006-07-28)

fuck you dumbfuck

luukskywalker (2006-08-29)

I can't generate a activation code.
When I click use the keygenerator and wants to have the activation code it just says:
"Illegal request" or something like that.
What is wrong?
Have a nice day!

mirre20 (2006-09-16)

saics2.part10.rar - file corrupt. Im using winrar. Why? =(
Anyone got an idea?

mirre20 (2006-09-16)

I finally got it to install. But how will I get passed the "you have to activate the program". ????
Would really like some help here!

xkortexx (2006-10-23)

you just said you havent done this in a while, and then you say your new to this..?
thats pretty retarded.

wavers (2006-10-27)

to xkortexx:
I believe you know those things and me too from years but remember there're a lot of people still learning the computer and they are young so they need some help.. this is life.
And i think he tried to extract something just once.. and he's still new to these things computer stuff so he don't remember how to do that.
N O | P R O B L E M

wavers (2006-10-27)

Hey.. that was in February!
he's a genius now :D

klOggZ (2006-10-31)

1. Start program
2. Choose "Activation options"
3. Choose "by phone"
4. Copy&paste the activation number to the key generator
5. Copy&paste the generated number ...

photobunny (2006-11-04)


yes_sir (2007-01-13)

saics2.part01-30 what to do with it?

anrifelke (2007-01-21)

kl0ggZ: You totally saved me. I wish I could have come up with that :) nice work. thx!

olivermbs (2007-02-28)

you can unrar it with winrar, see google...

Aberash (2007-05-02)

Ceno wrote:
Does people still get this to work? I DLed it twice now amd gets a error mess quite early when tryin to install it:

Error 1311.Source file not found:
yaddayaddaTempRar$ Verify that the file exists and that you can accses it.

And then I can either retry or cancel.
Well... Same happens again when retryin.
Anybode else has the same or any ideas?!
>I also get this problem and therefore cannot install.. help pls

Aberash (2007-05-07)

*Bump* Help on the File not found error?

supsnap (2007-05-11)

Solution to 1 problem I had. I was getting a corrupt error message when installing on the file. I used an ISO program called UltraISO to extra the ISO files onto my hard drive and installed that way and it worked!
1st time I created CD image using ISO which I believe is what caused corruption sometime during burning process.

[email protected] (2007-09-12)

Perfect! Thanks!

ejohnso9 (2007-09-15)

seed me!! =)

paupixel (2008-01-15)

I managed to get the creative suite 3
managed to have serial numbers
managed to activate
but... license has expired!!!
can I fix that?

Jubileesama (2008-03-10)

Installation went fine, only when it starts, it says "You are not allowed to continue because your account does not have the proper privileges. Please log in using an account with administrator privileges and try again."
What do I do? My account IS an administrator account. I don't have another one. So what am I doing wrong?

Giggsy55 (2008-03-13)

thanks for the re-direct

ohoho (2008-04-10)

azuziel (2008-04-24)

There it is alright. yet another infected keygen. 11 copies of the dll.....good job man. not good enough though.

azuziel (2008-04-24)

I wonder...Jax has 3 uploads in 3 months...all infected files...coincidence?

yankeematic1 (2008-09-04)

theres a f*****g trojan in the keygen

dartigens09 (2009-03-14)

I'll play it safe here and ask...any *clean* torrents for Illustrator CS2? Anywhere?
I don't care if it only has 1 seed, I *need* Illustrator and I don't feel like trawling eBay for CS2.