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Banned, Uncensored & Uncut Music Videos Russia




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Banned, Uncensored & Uncut Music Videos Russia


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2010-05-30 (by zacrenec )


DJ AFFecta - Fetish In The World ID - Suki NikitA - Веревки Satarial - Секс Машины Sazh - Тёлки Serebro - Song #1 Stigmata - Мой Путь Titomir & Timati - Whores Алексей Большой & Жорык DELiєв - Злые Клоуны Винтаж - Ева Дискотека Авария - Влечение Дискотека Авария - Суровый рэп Ж. Фриске - Western Катя Самбука - Сказка Коррозия Металла - Голая Марина Коррозия Металла - Русская водка Кремль - Бери Меня Ленинград - П и Х Потап и Настя Каменских - В натуре Потап и Настя Каменских - Не пара Поющие Трусы - Вафли Поющие Трусы - Пластический Хирург Пропаганда - Яй - Я Серёга - Чики Тамерлан - Мое имя Тина Кароль - Ноченька Шпильки - Медленно

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 zacrenec (2010-05-30)


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 zacrenec (2010-05-30)


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 zacrenec (2010-05-30)][IMG]

3-click (2010-05-31)

Great! Thank you!

Seeder4Life (2010-08-03)


tenka73 (2010-11-24)

Can anyone please list these artists and song info please!? I really like a bunch of these and want to listen to more music by these artists. The live shows I don't care so much about, but the actual music videos are awesome!!! Please Help! And thank you for a great upload!

tenka73 (2010-11-24)

I can only read the first few artists. The rest after Titomir are not in an english font. Thanks.

 youssef0eddoumali (2010-11-25)


Robin5555 (2010-12-07)


ChipMe (2011-01-01)

I would like the names of the artists as well . More specificly 9 13 14 19 20 22 24

RoflcopterX9 (2011-02-06)

I enjoyed this. Please contact me via email to send me some useless spam.
[email protected]

aneel44 (2011-02-13)

Please someone tell me about similar torrents?

freeisbetterthanpay (2011-02-23)

wtf this is porn lmao I came here by top 100 movie clips and this is at the top my god I'm not dl this not because it's bad justing is because it's porn not like a movie trailer no offense guys

Star_blazer (2011-03-07)

This is hilarious!! This is fucking comedy;) You don't understand what they are saying and most of them make no sense whatsoever....I'm sending this to Tosh.0!

clonies (2011-03-25)

In one of the videos they have bondage sex

clonies (2011-03-25)

Jokes aside, this is one sick pack of's laughable. Nice find!

fcpro (2011-04-10)

not worth the download stupid waste of time torrent go download some porn if you want these are stupid the word "banned" brings you in but your not gonna stay for the content its waste of space and time

Agentx619 (2011-06-27)

lol gr8 stuff, wat goes on in mother russia.... nw i know

dominoed (2011-07-30)

Yeah, I downloaded this and was pretty disappointed. They won't show too much on screen anyway

vienya (2011-08-05)

Privet! Nice, awesome. Thanks

ladde44 (2011-10-06)

can you pls send link to me where i can find sharon stone ridding on her guard and wopsy running to the wc will love to upp it little so can you pls send the link to [email protected] pls

Gobythebear (2012-03-02)

Can anyone list the artists?

InYourFace2nite (2012-05-02)


jonnie_doyle (2012-06-30)

Great Upload....
I wish I could read russian,
I havent a clue who the artists are.
I love that video with the two shit cool girls walking around the car park/supermarket
naked with their private parts obscured..
this is a great video and good song.
I've seen this type of video badly copied by others artists...


1. Клипы запрещеные на TV/16.avi 135.16 Mb
2. Клипы запрещеные на TV/09.avi 135.06 Mb
3. Клипы запрещеные на TV/15.avi 130.10 Mb
4. Клипы запрещеные на TV/11.avi 129.94 Mb
5. Клипы запрещеные на TV/10.avi 126.94 Mb
6. Клипы запрещеные на TV/08.avi 125.25 Mb
7. Клипы запрещеные на TV/12.avi 124.34 Mb
8. Клипы запрещеные на TV/02.avi 121.26 Mb
9. Клипы запрещеные на TV/25.avi 117.23 Mb
10. Клипы запрещеные на TV/01.avi 116.85 Mb
11. Клипы запрещеные на TV/20.avi 114.75 Mb
12. Клипы запрещеные на TV/27.avi 114.64 Mb
13. Клипы запрещеные на TV/22.avi 114.13 Mb
14. Клипы запрещеные на TV/05.avi 113.31 Mb
15. Клипы запрещеные на TV/19.avi 112.11 Mb
16. Клипы запрещеные на TV/06.avi 111.08 Mb
17. Клипы запрещеные на TV/24.avi 110.98 Mb
18. Клипы запрещеные на TV/17.avi 105.44 Mb
19. Клипы запрещеные на TV/23.avi 105.15 Mb
20. Клипы запрещеные на TV/07.avi 105.04 Mb
21. Клипы запрещеные на TV/03.avi 104.34 Mb
22. Клипы запрещеные на TV/13.avi 102.65 Mb
23. Клипы запрещеные на TV/21.avi 101.76 Mb
24. Клипы запрещеные на TV/18.avi 95.45 Mb
25. Клипы запрещеные на TV/26.avi 85.93 Mb
26. Клипы запрещеные на TV/14.avi 73.46 Mb
27. Клипы запрещеные на TV/04.avi 54.61 Mb