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The Flash 1990 Complete TV Series




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The Flash 1990 Complete TV Series-22 Episodes- [DVDRip]


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2010-05-21 (by neon)


The Flash 1990 Complete TV Series 1 - 22 In a freak accident, police scientist Barry Allen is struck by lightning and doused in chemicals. Barry discovers that this accident has made him the fastest man alive, able to move at nearly the speed of sound. With the help of STAR Labs scientist Tina McGee, he learns to control his powers...but when his older brother Jay (a motorcycle cop) is killed in the line of duty, Barry asks Tina o make him a special costume that can withstand the rigors of hyperspeed travel. He sets forth to clean up the streets of Central City as The Flash.. Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Fantasy Year: 1990 Country: USA Director: James A. Contner Cast: John Wesley Shipp, Amanda Pays, Alex Desert, Mike Genovese, Biff Manard, Vito D'Ambrosio, Richard Belzer, Dick Miller, Gloria Reuben EPISODE GUIDE >>>>> 1 Pilot The origin of The Flash. An accident gives police crime lab expert Barry Allen awesome powers of speed, and he vows to use them to bring his brother's murderer to justice. But first, Allen must learn to control his sudden, remarkable talents. Dr. Christina "Tina" McGee, who works for S.T.A.R. Labs, helps him with this. 2 Out Of Control He needs subjects for genetic-engineering research. Tina's former colleague is the main suspect when the bodies of murdered homeless people mysteriously disappear from crime scenes. 3 Watching The Detectives A crooked D.A. discovers the crusader's civilian identity and uses that information to extort him into becoming his secret accomplice. 4 Honor Among Thieves Guarding a priceless exhibit has the police stretched thin, a situation which a criminal mastermind exploits citywide with several thefts. 5 Double Vision A mad scientist implants a device in the crusader's brain and gains remote control of his powers in order to stop a witness from testifying against a drug lord the scientist is working for. 6 Sins Of The Father Ex-cop Henry Allen dismisses Barry's modern police techniques until his son captures an escaped con targeting Henry. 7 Child's Play A '60s drug icon who faked his own death and went into hiding reasserts himself by unleashing a new addictive designer drug on the world. 8 Shroud Of Death Barry puts together bits of metal found at crime scenes and discovers that they form a neo-fascist group's medallion, with Lt. Garfield as the group's next target. 9 Ghost In The Machine The Ghost controls the airwaves, tapping into video feeds just as he did back in 1955. The Nightshade, a crime-fighter of that era, resurfaces to fight him with The Flash joining him. 10 Sight Unseen A criminal who has developed a cloaking device renders himself invisible and establishes a deadly vendetta endangering S.T.A.R. Labs and Central City. 11 Beat The Clock The Flash must race against time and the electric chair to prove the innocence of a jazz saxophonist who was convicted of murdering his famous wife. 12 Tina, Is That You? Tina embarks on a crime spree with an all-girl gang after a bio-feedback experiment yields disastrous results, and her first target is The Flash. 13 The Trickster The hunter becomes the hunted as James Montgomery Jesse, a schizophrenic killer being pursued by Megan Lockhart, commences to stalk her instead. Inspired by The Flash, the criminal dons a flashy outfit and calls himself The Trickster. 14 Be My Baby The Flash helps a mother protect her child against her dangerous husband, who wants the child only for its genetic potential. 15 Fast Forward While pursuing his brother's killer The Flash is sent ten years into the future, where Nicholas Pike is the mayor of Central City and any mention of The Flash is against the law. 16 Deadly Nightshade The Flash and The Nightshade team up once again to stop a murderous vigilante who has taken The Nightshade's name. 17 Captain Cold On the hottest day of the year, four gangsters are found frozen to death. They are the victims of a notorious hitman known as Captain Cold, and his next target may be The Flash. 18 Twin Streaks A scientist uses The Flash's blood to clone Barry Allen, and the clone decides to assume Barry's identity. 19 Done With Mirrors Sam Scudder, a criminal genius who uses mirrors and holograms to commit his crimes hunts down his double-crossing partner, who has found refuge with one of her old high school friends—Barry Allen. 20 Good Night, Central City When bodies begin disappearing from the police morgue and a gang of thieves start putting people to sleep, it falls to The Flash to save the victims and clear Barry Allen's name at the same time. 21 Alpha A conscience-stricken android seeks The Flash's aid to avoid being programmed as the perfect assassin. 22 The Trial Of The Trickster James Jesse is preparing to go on trial for the crimes of The Trickster, but with the help of his sidekick, Prank, and a brainwashing device, he soon enlists The Flash's assistance in passing judgement on Central City.

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 neon (2010-05-21)

your welcome

primalclaws1974 (2010-05-22)

I remember this show from my teenager days. Was just reading about it by accident, and then thought I'd look it up. I guess I got good timing, as you just uploaded it! Thanks man.

 neon (2010-05-22)

thanks for the comment primalclaws1974 its a pretty good tv series :)

Enemy_Hero (2010-05-23)

hey man nice upload. lets hope u dont have the episode 9/10 duplicates, I've got this already i just need to replace "beat the clock". great series for the 90s, love the danny elfman score, very batman returns.

Enemy_Hero (2010-05-23)

you've just re-upped the same one i downloaded that had more seeders. you didnt make this torrent and you clearly havent checked it to make sure it quality. heres a link to the actual "beat the clock" episode 11 that i found after extensive searching. im stuck at 99.7% atm tho, so dont get ur hopes up.

Enemy_Hero (2010-05-23)

okay, i didnt bother waiting around to get 100% of episode 11 from the alternate source. the only person who's seeding is obviously waiting for the owner to come back and seed again. not gunna happen obviously. just download the file till 99.7% and uve got it. its the whole episode at 99.7 even with creds, nothing is missing from it. but the AVI index will be broken cos the file is incomplete. it still works tho. just google virtualdub and re-author the file as a complete AVI and ur all sweet.

 neon (2010-05-25)

@ Enemy_Hero ...nowhere on this page says i put this torrent you said i uploaded from another site cause this wasnt on pirate bay...thanks for the useful link :)

rxdrxgx (2010-11-13)

Please, I can't not download the 11th episode, I need it to complete the series, i have searched all over the web, and I only found inactive torrents, please can anybody help me.
Please Enemy_Hero upload that episode.
Thank you.

rxdrxgx (2010-11-15)

Nevermid, I found it :D

Heromist (2012-04-23)

i love you! thanks!!!

Heromist (2012-07-10)

hey man! i love this series!! its one of the best i have ever watched!! thanks!

megamegamagicman (2012-09-21)

Hey, Great Torrent! I love the soundtrack, if anyone has it, could they PLEEAASE upload it. If it ever happens, thanks in advance to that person :)

lrm-blue (2013-07-15)

Thanks to the seeders, this is a big download, Please seed as very little is coming down at moment. If it continues at the present seed speed we will all die of old age before we get to see it.

lrm-blue (2013-07-18)

Dont bother with this, no one is seeding. It shows seeders but either they are uploading nothing & only leeching. or the ones who show as having 100% are not seeding anything.

BrenZBoy (2013-08-02)

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BrenZBoy (2013-08-03)


BrenZBoy (2013-08-03)


BrenZBoy (2013-08-03)

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BrenZBoy (2013-08-04)

Guys, could you please SEEEEEEEEEEED... The speed is very slow...

BrenZBoy (2013-08-04)

I have been downloading this torrent for the last 4 days, but only 30% has downloaded. So can the seeders please SEED? Thanks.

BrenZBoy (2013-08-04)

I have been downloading this torrent for the last 4 days, but only 30% has downloaded. So can the seeders please SEED? Thanks.

BrenZBoy (2013-08-06)

WTF... Don't bother with this. No one is seeding. It's bullshit...


1. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E1 Pilot.avi 700.14 Mb
2. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E4 Honor Among Thieves.avi 350.11 Mb
3. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E6 Sins of the Father.avi 350.11 Mb
4. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E14 Be My Baby.avi 350.11 Mb
5. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E3 Watching the Detectives.avi 350.11 Mb
6. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E2 Out of Control.avi 350.11 Mb
7. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E9 Ghost in the Machine.avi 350.11 Mb
8. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E11 Beat the Clock.avi 350.10 Mb
9. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E10 Sight Unseen.avi 350.10 Mb
10. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E13 Tina, is that you.avi 350.10 Mb
11. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E16 Deadly Nightshade.avi 350.09 Mb
12. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E20 Good Night Central City.avi 350.09 Mb
13. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E21 Alpha.avi 350.09 Mb
14. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E5 Double Vision.avi 350.07 Mb
15. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E7 Child's Play.avi 350.04 Mb
16. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E19 Done with Mirrors.avi 349.88 Mb
17. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E18 Twin Streaks.avi 349.81 Mb
18. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E12 The Trickster.avi 349.81 Mb
19. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E8 Shroud of Death.avi 349.80 Mb
20. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E15 Fast Forward.avi 349.79 Mb
21. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E22 The Trial of The Trickster.avi 349.70 Mb
22. The Flash Complete Series/The Flash S1E17 Captain Cold.avi 349.57 Mb
23. The Flash Complete Series/Tracked_by_Demonoid_com.txt 34 bytes